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If you are like us and you don’t like to adjust the focus on your compact binoculars then, all you need is a binocular with an autofocus feature. These types of binoculars will provide you high-quality images without you needing to manually focus.

You may think that this is not a big deal but once you start using autofocus binoculars, you don’t want to switch back. These binoculars come in a fixed magnification level and all you need to manually is to really just fix the eye relief.

A cool thing about autofocus binoculars is that they are a bit easier to manufacture because they have only one level of magnification. This is a good thing as you will get more convenient in less price with these. Though they come cheap, these binoculars are still perfect.

We recommend that you look at the features, quality, and price that these binoculars come at. You will have a better experience with them. With this, you will be able to get a better value binocular which is essential if you want to get the most out of your money.

Best Auto Focus Binoculars in 2021

Whether you are bird watching, touring, whale watching, or doing anything else, these binoculars will definitely make the experience better so, we highly recommend that you invest in these.

#1 SightMark Solitude autofocus Binocular

SightMark Solitude autofocus Binocular

The SightMark Solitude is an automatic focusing binocular that features a 42 mm diameter objective lens that can zoom in your target with a 10x magnification. The clarity of these binoculars is pretty top quality. The laser-equipped binocular also has a range finder attached to it and it is best suited for hunters.

The accuracy of these binoculars is pretty great even for 1200 yards or more. If you shoot mid-range, this device might be the best option for you. These binoculars are really simple to use as well. The 2 button operation is pretty good.

With the LCD that is there on this binocular, the images will not be washed out. Even in broad daylight, it will have a really great overall quality and it will be as lightweight as it can be. The SightMark binocular also has a water-resistant build with nitrogen O-ring seals for better quality. You can use them comfortably in different conditions. There are adjustable eyecups as well and these self-adjusting binoculars will make it comfortable even if you wear eyeglasses.

  • The binocular has good water and fog performance.
  • You get a very solid range.
  • Great for MD range hunters.
  • The binocular has a nylon casing, covers, and straps.
  • A rubberized body is best for impact resistance.
  • Top-notch optics that includes quality roof prism and lens system.
  • The binocular is comfortable with eyeglasses.  
  • The field of view is a bit narrow.
  • The rangefinder is not suitable for long-range hunters

#2 Steiner MM30 autofocus

Steiner MM30 autofocus

The Steiner autofocus binocular has military and marine-grade toughness and it also has solid optics. This binocular not only features a decent amount of zoom but also provides you with a good field of view. There is a 30mm objective lens here that can allow you a magnification of 8x and it also has 390 feet of FOV at 1000 yards which is great. Along with it, this binocular also has a multi-coated objective lens that you don’t have to focus on manually and this will make sure your targets get hit.

This binocular is made of a signature rubber armor coating with automatic focus. This makes it resistant to impact and is a great option for on-field use. The binoculars also come with multiple accessories and this makes them ready for you to take on any situation.

  • You have a quality Porro Prism lens for excellent light transmission.
  • You get a long eye relief for making the binoculars suitable for eyeglass wearers.
  • The field of view is impressive with 8x magnification.
  • There are NBR rubber armor coating for shock absorption.
  • Multiple accessories are also included here.
  • You get resistance to weather and water.
  • The binocular is perfect for marine applications like fishing, sailing, and even boating.
  • It doesn’t come with any image stabilization feature.
  • The binocular is that great in low-light conditions.

#3 Barska Focus Free binoculars

Barska Focus Free binoculars

The Barska focus free binoculars emphasize budget-friendly compact sizes. They come with an objective lens of 25mm and it also features a 9x magnification which is great for the size. The focus-free binocular will serve you well if you want a device that you can use in situations such as a stadium or anywhere else where you don’t want to miss stuff.

This binocular, thus, becomes a perfect choice for anyone who is looking to buy a device for long-range shooting or for viewing over water.

As these binoculars are lightweight, they are easy to carry but they still have solid constructions. The rubberized armor is great. The autofocus binocular is also suitable for mid-range wild-life observation work as well. This package also includes a carrying case and a neck strap.

  • This binocular is an excellent choice for portability. It is super lightweight.
  • It is best suited for sports and wildlife observers.
  • The coating is done in an awesome way so, the binocular is best suited for sports and even bird watching.
  • You get different accessories with the purchase.
  • The BK Porro prism system here is nice.
  • The binocular is pretty stylish and has a contemporary design.
  • The binocular has a short eye relief.
  • The field of view is narrow.
  • There is no water resistance.

#4 Night Owl Nexgen autofocus

Night Owl Nexgen autofocus

The Night Owl binocular’s main feature is its 24mm objective lens and it also has 2x magnification. These binoculars also support night vision and this will help you see even in pitch-black conditions. The binoculars can be used for any purpose and the automatic focus is the real advantage of this binocular. You won’t have to focus on your target the binocular will do that for you instantly.

This binocular has light intensifying tubes to maximize the light amount to produce a really clear cut image and it allows you to see your target even in the dark. The binoculars also come with an IR illuminator to allow you to view your target without giving away your position. Night Owl has used glass optics for these binoculars to assure high quality.

  • These binoculars have a rubber finish that makes them durable.
  • The binoculars are very easy to handle in one hand.
  • The inbuilt IR illuminator will allow you to see in the dark.
  • The viewing is precise here and the max light-gathering tube is used properly here.
  • The binocular is super quick to focus and use.
  • You get a short-range viewing and a long-lasting battery with it.
  •  The magnification level is low.
  • There is a fixed zooming option.
  • Not ideal for use in broad daylight.

How do autofocus binoculars work?

Autofocus binoculars have the natural focus ability. This is where the devices get their name from. “Autofocus” generally means better focus. And these binoculars can focus in a really tight manner. The objective lens of these binoculars is really smart and the autofocus lens is fitted at the end of the scope.

The objective lens can be used to focus on these objects with ease. The other end of the eyepiece helps to see an object with clarity. The first lens or the objective lens receives light from the object and it passes it on to the eyepiece lens to make the image more vibrant. The eyepiece can also help to magnify the object and you can be seen at a close distance.

All of this process is instant and the binocular can autofocus on the distant object with clarity. There are two types of autofocus binoculars, one comes with an option to adjust the barrels and the second one comes without an adjustment option. These binoculars possess a fixed depth of view that starts from 30 ft and goes up to infinity.

The binoculars that come with an adjustment option work with respect to your eyesight. All you need to do is adjust the diopter present on the eyepiece. When this is done, the binoculars don’t need any further adjustments.


It doesn’t matter if you are biking, bird watching, hunting, or doing any other activity, a binocular with an Autofocus feature will definitely make your life easier. You can use the autofocus feature of these products to get the best out of your experience.

The items that we have reviewed in this list are all great binoculars with various features. They all have their own price points. You can buy them and be totally happy with your purchase.

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