Best Binoculars under $100 (Compact & Budget)

Binoculars come in a variety of sizes, types, and prices. Some of the best binoculars are incredibly expensive but do you really need these? No. You can make do with a mid-range one. If you are looking for a really good binocular, you might want to consider previous models of branded binoculars.

They are the best of the bunch. While a few nonbrand ones are also very respected, branded ones are generally better. When you buy from a trusted company, a one-time investment will lead to years of usability.

Binoculars can range from pretty inexpensive to unaffordable. There are thousands of models of binoculars with their own sets of features. Some of them are dirt cheap as well. It is very possible to get a decent pair of binocular without burning a hole in your pocket.

The models of binoculars in this list are the prime examples of some of the best binoculars that you can get for less than 100 dollars. Most of the time, people get ripped off because the binocular they shopped on the screen isn’t the same when it actually arrives in their house.

So, to make sure that you get quality binoculars, we bring you this article on some of the best binoculars that you can buy today.

Best Binoculars under $100

#1 Nikon 8245 ACULON Binocular

Nikon 8245 ACULON Binocular

Nikon is one of the most premier manufacturers of binoculars. This company produces some of the best binoculars in the market and the Nikon ACULON is one such product. It comes with a great rubber coating which is incredibly easier to hold in wet conditions.

The 42mm objective lens isn’t that big but it is accurate in the sub 100 dollars price point. You get 8x magnification and this produces a very wide field of view. It also keeps the image bright and clear.

The binocular is available in regular black and silver color. A few of these are available in a camouflage design as well. These binoculars are pretty small but they are still perfect for the budget. The compact size means that they can be easily slipped into a pocket.

A centrally focused knob allows quick and easy adjustment while a dioptre control is there for the right eyepiece. This can be fine-tuned manually. The binocular is an entry-level one so, you don’t get that many features with it. It doesn’t have water resistance but the quality of the build is still there.

This binocular is also equipped with adjustable eyepieces which is a good feature. This feature allows you to change the settings while the binocular is in use. There are some nonrubberized plastic coating on this binocular which makes it feel a bit cheap. But overall, this binocular is great for people who are looking to get a reliable product from a really trusted brand at the best price.

  • The binocular has a rubberized coating for better grip.
  • It is incredibly lightweight.
  • The lenses are large.
  • The binocular also has adjustable eyepieces.
  • The binocular has plastic construction. 

#2 Wingspan Optics EagleScout 10×42

Wingspan Optics EagleScout 10×42

The Wingspan Optics Eagle scout binocular has 10x magnification. It is a great binocular for man people because this level of magnification is very rare at this price point. This model, however, also comes with other features. It has water and weather resistance. So, you can use it in both humid and rainy conditions. The 42 mm lens in this binocular can produce a pretty bright image.

This model is incredibly lightweight and compact. So, if you travel light, this is good news for you. The binocular can be slipped into your pockets with ease. The ball bearing system is present here that can be used to adjust the focus.

A pair of binoculars that can’t focus is effectively useless. So, if that system breaks the whole binocular could get ruined. This problem is very rare though and it is only a minor inconvenience. This binocular offers 10x magnification for less than a hundred bucks which is a very good thing.

  • The binocular has 8 to 10x magnification.
  • The lenses are pretty large.
  • You get a rubberized exterior.
  • The binocular has good eye relief.
  • This binocular is a bit heavier and bulkier than the rest.

#3 Bushnell Falcon 10×50 Wide

Bushnell Falcon 10×50 Wide

The Bushnell Falcon is a 10x zoom capable American-made binocular that provides you sharp images. The main advantage of this binocular is it’s an incredibly wide field of view and it also keeps everything nice and bright. This model has a very short focus distance of 25 foot which is really great when you need to see something out in the yard from inside the house.

The one disadvantage of this model is the 9-millimeter eye relief which is pretty short for people who wear glasses. Even people with really good vision can have problems with the distance. Other than that, the Bushnell Falcon’s excellent field of view and close distance can really make it the best value for you.

  • The Bushnell Falcon has a magnification of 10x.
  • The lens is pretty large and the distance is minimum.
  • Not a big fan of the eye relief

#4 Eschenbach 4256125

Eschenbach 4256125

The Eschenbach binocular’s main feature is its ability to fold up perfectly. It can fold in a really good way when it is not in use. This means that you can easily put this binocular in your pocket or your backpack when you are not using it.

In addition, you might also see some real flaws with this binocular. The small lens is one of the most noticeable flaws here. Aside from this, the lens produces pretty dark images and it gives you a very narrow field of view which makes it a really bad deal.

The 2.5-millimeter exit pupils are hard to see through. And this is the real problem of this binocular. They are also not the most attractive pair of binoculars. The design is below average. But yeah, they do get the job done but the number of drawbacks will really be detrimental to the overall experience.

  • The binocular has a really compact build
  • The small lenses are pretty great.
  • The design isn’t great.
  • The exit pupils are small

#5 Celestron Up Close

Celestron Up Close

The Celestron Up Close costs close to that 100 dollar mark but it does come with an incredibly good 16x magnification. The binocular has a dual-hinged foldable design and for the price, this binocular is really good. You are not only getting a solid aluminum build but also getting multi-coated optics as well as a housing with rubber build. The binocular is water-resistant as well.

This binocular can be used for a wide range of things. From watching concerts to sports, you can use it in all cases. The thumb indents and the ridged surface of the binoculars are pretty great and the finger position is also good enough. You also get a carry case and a strap.

A high-quality build is there in the binocular but the price is still very affordable. The binocular also comes with a limited warranty and that is a great thing. In addition, the binocular has the impressive magnification and they are pretty steady to hold as well. The bright images that it provides is of quality as well.

  • The binocular has a water-resistant build.
  • It is lightweight, sturdy, and has aluminum construction.
  • The magnification power is high and the dimensions are pretty compact.
  • There is no tripod mount
  • The lenses are pretty small lenses so, the light-gathering is a bit off.

#6 Celestron SkyMaster

Celestron SkyMaster

For long-distance viewing in both the sky and the ground, you need the long reach of the SkyMaster 25×70 binocular. It has high power and low cost. The Celestron has found a perfect balance between everything. The SkyMaster is actually a largely anticipated binocular. It has a big expectation to fill so the large frame can really reflect its capabilities.

It weighs around 52 ounces and it is rather large in size. The binocular is not meant to be handheld though. This binocular needs to be mounted to a tripod that you have to purchase separately. But it does come with an included tripod adapter that will save you some money.

The large objective lens is 70 mm in diameter and this occupies all the weight of the binocular. These large lenses allow more light to enter the device so, the overall quality of the image is sharper. You get bright, clear images of even the most far away items with the help of this binocular.

As a Porro Prism binocular, it doesn’t need any fancy coating as well. The good thing is that it doesn’t have any. The surfaces are also multi-coated and it is water-resistant as well. Keep in mind that it is only resistant and not waterproof. The binocular lacks gas purged chambers for fog protection. All of these things are standard for an optic that is under one hundred dollars.

The downside in this binocular is the eye relief though. It is pretty low but if you don’t wear glasses, yo should be fine. For everyone else though, this can be a bit uncomfortable to use. This binocular is great for adventurers who are on a budget and want to enjoy wildlife or even watch stars. You can get good enjoyment from this awesome pair of binoculars.

  • The binocular has a really affordable price.
  • The power is pretty high.
  • You get a 70mm aperture with it.
  • The Porro Prism system is quite nice.
  • You get BaK4 glass with these binoculars.
  • The eye relief is pretty short.

Buying Guide for Binoculars under $100

A lot of people will really discard the fact that you can get good enough binoculars for as low as 100 dollars but it is actually very possible. While a lot of expensive binoculars will come with better features and more quality, the 100 dollar binoculars are also competitive enough.

You are not going to get a high-quality glass or a great performance by any means but you will still get more than enough features to make it work. You may even get some of the features such as water resistance and multi-coated lenses. As far as the lens system goes, Porro prism binoculars are more famous in this price segment. You will also get binoculars that are more.

So if you are looking for a binocular for less than a hundred dollars, here are some of the factors that you might want to consider:

  • You need a BK7 type glass in this price range. You can also go for BaK4 type glass if you find one with it.
  • Multi-coated binoculars are generally better in every regard.
  • As far as specs go, a binocular with 8x zoom and 42mm objective lens is going to be quite perfect for the price. When you get high power, the price range may also result in poorer image quality.
  • You might get an eye relief of 13 to 18mm which is more than enough even if you wear glasses.
  • Try to find a binocular with a large enough exit pupil. This helps to enhance the overall quality of the image. Try to get an exit pupil of size 3 to 5 mm.
  • As far as durability goes, most binoculars in the sub 100 price range will not be weatherproof. Some of them will definitely be weatherproof though. So, try to find these binoculars.


For less than 100 dollars, you cant expect a lot from a binocular. That’s the truth and nothing can change it. However, it’s not as bad as some people claim it to be. Will it give you a good experience? Hell yeah! 100 dollars binoculars are awesome actually.

For the price that you paid, you are getting some pretty sweet features with it. The binoculars that we have reviewed in this article are all great for their price. These binoculars are well made and they have a lot of things going for them.

Not only are these binoculars made with care, but they are also meant for consumers who want to experience a binocular for the budget. Some of them exceed expectations and are actually comparable to binoculars that cost more than 300 dollars too. So, do buy these binoculars if you are looking for a cheaper option.

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